Angus Bull (7 year old) (315)

Angus Bull (7 year old) (315)

Kind: 7 year old bull 
Tag Number: 315
Breed: Angus
Birth date: March 2013
Sire: EXT
Dam: Howard

Notes: Pictures were taken right after breeding season. The bull still looks this good after breeding in 100 degree temps. This bull easily weighs 2000 LB but still exhibits moderate frame. 

315 is a great maternal sire that has consistently sired a large number of replacement females for our herd. Decades of maternal selection are stacked in his pedigree both on the damn and sire side. He is chocked full of EXT and Traveler 6807 genetics on both sides. The maternal side dams have consistently produce productive cows that do not make mistakes. The only thing that might rival 315's maternal genetics is the growth performance of his offspring. The steer calves do it all on forage and weight 1000+ as a yearling straight off winter wheat pasture with no supplemental feed. 

We have utilized 315 heavy since he was a bull calf. He has produced numerous herd bull sires. This bull is also ideal for line breeding. Perfect feed, udders and disposition are a must in this operation and 315 excels in all of the above. We will guarantee that this bull will pass fertility. If buyer wants fertility and trich testing, testing will be done by buyer and at buyer's expense. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the test results, return the bull within 48 hours in the same condition and we will issue a full refund.  


    Darrell & Pam Howard 

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    Mulhall, OK 73063

    Brady & Mary Howard

    2017 Florence Rd 

    Keller, TX 76262

    Darrell: 405-747-5398

    Pam:     405-747-6727

    Brady: 405-747-4660