Angus Bull 919

Angus Bull 919

Breed:  Angus
Age: 3 years old  


Sire of this very thick agile, docile, quality 7B son is Clay Creek Sir Rito of 9969 reg#18108171 - tattoo- 7B. 7B is a triple bred Rito x Traveler with Rito 707 on the sire side. 707 is probably the most influential bull in the Angus breed behind EXT and Traveler 6807; both of which are stacked on the dam side of this offering.

We found 7B at Clay Creek located in central Eastern Wyoming east of Yellowstone Park. This is a near desert area. Cattle must be tough and livestock management must be very attentive. Clay Creek demonstrated both.


7B was the most attractive mature bull we located in a 4 week bull hunting trip. His calves were just as good. Demonstrating length, smooth phenotype, easy fleshing with exceptional depth & thickness. Not to mention extremely docile!

These two 7B sons we are offering carry all the attributes of their sire.


The second to last picture is sire 7B. 

The last picture is 7A which is a full brother of 7B. The girl riding the back of the bull shows how docile the bulls are. 


*Semen and Trich testing is buyers responsibility. Bull can be returned up to 48 hours after purchase if tests are not satisfactory.