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Bred Heifers

Bred Heifers

Kind: Bred Heifers

Breed: Angus

Age: Born March and April 2022



This set of heifers is out of the heart of our replacement heifers. All home raised from our closed cow herd. Heifers are loaded with proven genetics that tie back to Traveler, EXT and SAV Net Worth. The sires to these heifers follow a long lineage of the most prominent sires in the industry which you will be hard pressed to find in most commercial operations. See the sire page for more information on genetics.


Heifers are confirmed bred by vet, Bret White

Calving start- march 20, 2024

Calving end- April 20, 2024

Natural bred to Connealy Uptown 098E sons. These are proven heifer bulls that we have been using for years

These heifers are set up for a minimal input system. Let them work for you!


Our cows have been selected to calve in a 45 day window and must calve and raise a quality calf EVERY YEAR. Our cows never see hay except for the most extreme weather events that occur for a few days every few years. Our cows are fed protein cubes a few times a week during the winter and forage on standing dormant grass.

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