Exposed/Bred Angus Heifers

Exposed/Bred Angus Heifers

Kind: Exposed/Bred Heifers
Breed: Angus
Birth date: March- April 2020

Count: 23 (21 solid black, 2 baldies) 


All heifers are out of proven home raised cows. The heifers are heavy influence of EXT/Traveler/SAV through purchased and home raised bulls. This set of heifers will turn into large frame cows that have adequate milk, good weaning weights and good mothering ability.  


Heifers are bred to 717 OCC and 860 PCC low birth weight calving ease angus bulls. 717 is a purchased bull from Ohlde Cattle Company and sired by Zodiac. 860 is a purchased bull from Pharo Cattle Company sired by Renegade. 


Heifers exposed April 24th (Feb 1st calving start date) 

Bulls pulled June 24th (April 3 calving end date) 

Preg check scheduled for August 9th by a certified vet 


Two price options: 

$1,450 - sold as exposed. pickup prior to Aug 9th 

$1,650- confirmed bred by a certified vet. Pickup after Aug 9th  

*prices subject to change on small quantities