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Royal White Ram Lambs

Royal White Ram Lambs

Age: Born September 2023

Bloodlines: Royal White


Offering a handful of ram lambs out of our fall lambing foundation stud bucks and ewes. Price range $500-$750.

7131- $500

7138- $500

7144- $500



These rams were weaned in early November and have been running on wheat pasture. The mature bucks in the pictures will be their sires or similar genetics. These bucks will produce lambs that grow to the 70lb mark quick, averaging almost a 1/2 lb a day. These rams will also produce ewes that are easy keepers with great mothering and milking abilty.



The foundation of our herd originated in SW Texas and came from a very well respected ranch that has been in the industry for generations just as have we. These sheep were selected for their hardiness, ability to gain and mothering ability. We have continued to refine our herd by selecting and keeping only the best. These rams came from the best of the best. We sorted off our best ewes and best rams to produce stud bucks. These bucks fit the bill if you are looking to maintain or grow Royal Whites or as many have transitioned to dorpers, a need to bring in outside genetics to add lambing ease, mothering ability and a frame that is conducive for weight gain.

Our ewes pasture lamb and have no assistance. Yearling ewes produce just over a 100% lamb crop with lambs that really grow. The mothering ability and milk production even from our yearling ewes is bar none. Adult ewe lambing percentage will range from 140% to 170%.

Our sheep are ran across a few thousand acres with guard dogs. The sheep have good demeanor and respect barb wire, electric and net wire fences.

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