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The bulls listed are heavy influence on our herd. Not all bulls were used directly but through the use of sons and grandsons.

The cattle operation is a cow/calf program with breeds of mostly Black Angus but also have Red Angus and Hereford for heterosis. The ranch has put together one of the fanciest, consistent, productive, commercial herds around. This has been accomplished due to a meticulous breeding program, using sires most commercial breeders can only dream about. The herd is very productive. Heifers are exposed for 30 days, and cows for 45. The cows are easy keepers and have not seen a bale of hay in 5 years. During the winter, cows are fed protein every 2 to 3 days in the worst part of the winter. We have selected for calm disposition for decades. We have a one mistake and you are out mentality. The cattle are set up to work for us vs us working for them. The cattle are pasture ran and not babied. How many other producers can say that? The program is GAP4 certified and certified all natural through IMI Global. 

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