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Welcome to Howard Sheep and Cattle

Howard Sheep and Cattle 


Howard Sheep and Cattle is situated in the heart of Oklahoma. The ranch is a diversified ranching operation raising cattle, sheep and goats. 


The cattle operation is focused on cow/calf program with breeds of mostly Black Angus but also have Red Angus and Hereford for heterosis. The ranch has put together one of the fanciest, consistent, productive, commercial herds around. This has been accomplished due to a meticulous breeding program, using sires most commercial breeders can only dream about. The herd is very productive. Heifers are exposed for 30 days, and cows for 45. The cows are easy keepers and have not seen a bale of hay in 5 years. During the winter, cows are fed protein every 2 to 3 days in the worst part of the winter. We have selected for calm disposition for decades. The cattle are pasture ran and not babied. How many other producers can say that? The program is GAP4 certified and certified all natural through IMI Global. 


A large flock of Royal Whites are pasture ran year around including lambing. Lambing percentages typically hit the 170% mark. Royal Whites were developed and selected for high performance, adaptability, easy care, flocking ability, low stress, non-flightiness, parasite resistance and height to weight proportional frames for better lamb carrying capacity, better meat distribution throughout the body and better browsing attributes. Udders are nicely placed above the ground. They are all hair, highly intelligent for sheep, the ewes excel in mothering ability and protection of their lambs. Hair lambs are cleaned up by mothers fast at birth as compared to other types of ovine, a major plus for lamb survivability, particularly with multiple lambs. Royals can breed year around, thus allowing lamb production to meet certain specific markets at various times of the year. Rams are white faced and frames well above the ground for less effect from heat off the soil and less solar heat to the affecting grazing and possibly breeding.

Both sexes are polled. Flocking traits enable easier management for producers and allow rotational grazing to be more effective, as they stay close together while grazing versus going off grazing in small groups. Royals are somewhat docile, but not too docile, they are non jumpers. They adapt quickly to new environments and ship with low stress. 


Our original nannies were selected from a historic west Texas ranch that for decades allowed Mother Nature to do the selection. These nannies came highly recommended from individuals that had been purchasing them for years. They, like myself, found these Kensing influenced Spanish goats to be very hardy true foragers, prolific, exceptional mothers with great udders and carry exceptional structure.
After watching these nannies grow we began our search for the best stud bucks to complement our program.
After many weeks traveling and going to many of the “foundation, discovered and established bloodlines herds”, plus many more herds, 7 Kensing stud bucks were selected from the Whitworth family stud pen.

The Howard family dating back 8 verifiable generations, are known for being a breeders of quality livestock. We are fortunate to receive visitors from reputable true livestock people. It was through one of these visits that the next step in our breeding plan was discovered.
Kedrick Miller, a very successful goat breeder, told of how he had located a small herd that he had found to be exceptionally fertile, great mother’s, small birth weights but fast growing with more bone and substance than is found in typical Spanish goats.
Arrangements were made and the stud buck named “Kendrick” was purchased. We test bred Kedrick and found his offspring to be even more than we had hoped for!
A breeding plan was developed. We then raised a large number of 50/50 Kendrick/Kensing studs. These studs were bred back to the excellent maternal Kensing influenced doe resulting in a herd of very consistent quality 1/4 Kendrick 3/4 Kensing. We coined this combination the “KENDRICK” line.
While color was not specifically selected for, the brown with black line back pattern of the “KENDRICK” is known to be much sought after by Texas Spanish goat ranchers and many Spanish goat enthusiasts. After raising this line, all non “KENDRICK” line goats were marketed leaving every goat on the place the improved “KENDRICK” line.
We continue to cull, without mercy, every animal that does not meet our strict one strike and your out policy.
We continue to select for fertile, prolific, small to medium birth weight, excellent udders, fast growing, structurally sound, heavy weight, full muscled, attractive and balanced animals.
Our does kid on the range with NO supervision and mature nannies consistently wean 160-175% kid crop. The goats are rotated across a few thousand acres throughout the year. The goats respect barb wire, electric, and net wire fences and have been raised trusting guard dogs.
Our list of satisfied customers continue to grow. We invite you to join this list!

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