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Howard Sheep and Cattle

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Howard Sheep and Cattle 

7 Generations of Ranching
Genetics Built for Success

Howard Sheep and Cattle is situated in the heart of Oklahoma. The ranch is a diversified ranching operation of approximately 4,500 acres. We specialize in producing superior genetics that stand out from the rest.



The cattle operation is a cow/calf program with breeds of mostly Black Angus but also include Red Angus and Hereford for heterosis. The ranch has put together one of the fanciest, consistent and productive commercial herds around. The cattle operation is certified all natural through IMI Global and GAP 4.

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Royal Whites are the best of both worlds. They have the meat characteristics of a Dorper but have the parasite resistance, mothering ability and low input of the St. Croix. Lambing percentages typically average 170%. Lambs are very fast growers and typically gain 1/2lb a day on wheat after weaning. Ewes are 100% pasture ran even through lambing. 

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Our Spanish goats originated in West Texas bringing along the mothering ability, hardiness and are true foragers. We have since improved by focusing on structure, meat and growth. We don't get tired of hearing how our stud bucks are the best most have ever seen. 

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