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Howard Sheep and Cattle

Genetics Built for Success 

Our Story

The Howard family has been farming and ranching for 7 generations. Our goal is to continue this way of life for the generations to come. This can only be accomplished by producing the highest quality product that is sustainable, productive and profitable. 

Most producers in the sheep industry know the Howard family  for our contributions to the Southdown breed over the decades starting with Duron Howard. The tradition has continued through the generations to Darrell Howard and now Brandon Howard. This success stemmed from a meticulous breeding program and a low tolerance for rams or ewes that didn't fit the program.

This same mentality is used on the goats and cattle. The Howard family has traditionally been a Hereford cow/calf and stocker operation. Over the past 15 year, the introduction of the top Hereford, Red and Black Angus bulls in the industry has taken the quality of the cattle to another level. I encourage you to find another commercial operation that has this type of quality top to bottom.


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