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Howard Sheep and Cattle
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   Royal Whites were developed and selected for high performance, adaptability, easy care, flocking ability, low stress, non-flightiness, parasite resistance and height to weight proportional frames for better lamb carrying capacity, better meat distribution throughout the body and better browsing attributes. Udders are nicely placed above the ground. They are all hair, highly intelligent for sheep, the ewes excel in mothering ability and protection of their lambs. Hair lambs are cleaned up by mothers fast at birth as compared to other types of ovine, a major plus for lamb survivability, particularly with multiple lambs. Royals can breed year around, thus allowing lamb production to meet certain specific markets at various times of the year.  


     Our flock originated out of SW Texas many years ago. Since then the genetic line has been fined tuned to fit our environment and expectations. All replacement ewes and rams are home raised. See the SIRE page for additional pictures. 



    Ewes are pasture ran all year on grass in the summer and dry standing forage in the winter. Ewes never receive hay but could be supplemented protein pellets as weather and forage dictates 2 to 3 times a week. The ewes and including coming yearling ewes are exposed for two cycles for fall lambing and are all pasture lambed in 80 to 160 acre traps. Lambing percentages typically hit the 170% mark. We have a one and done mentality, meaning ewes are not given a second chance.

All females must wean quality offspring every year.  The goats are rotated across a few thousand acres throughout the year. The goats respect barb wire, electric, and net wire fences and have been raised trusting guard dogs.Our list of satisfied customers continue to grow. We invite you to join this list!  


Fall born lambs are ran on wheat pasture after weaning and typically gain 1/2lb a day. Typically, wether lambs are sold at less than 5 months of age weighing just under 80lb.  Ewe lambs will be retained for our own replacements or if numbers allow, will be offered as replacements. 

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